Welcome to Classic Stone Design

General Information Classic Stone Design LLC

Classic Stone Design, LLC is a full service stone fabrication facility. Our goal is to give our customers the most informative yet also the most friendly experience when they step foot into our new showroom design center.

We will be glad to help with design services for your kitchen, bathroom, and any other project you wish to add the timeless look of natural stone to.

We are happy to offer granite, marble, limestone, slate, and onyx from all around the world! From Brazil to India to Turkey and Italy to name just a few.

You can increase the value of your home with a truly unique product from mother nature herself.

If you're looking for beautiful and professionally made countertops, sinks, fireplace, etc, you can find them all here See our movie.

General Information about our Shop

The materials we carry are first quality and always inspected before coming off of our delivery trucks. We work with several vendors in the state that we have also developed great relationships with.

We carry all lines of natural stone along with 4 different lines of quartz surfaces. We also specialize in backsplash design, which in our showroom; we carry all ranges of tumbled stones, glass mosaics, metal accents and natural stone borders that can truly give your customer the custom look in their home to reflect their personality and style.

Our goal is to continue to give our clients the flawless customer service we are known for as well as one place where they can purchase counters, fixtures, flooring and backsplashes all in a single visit to our showroom!

Please feel free to contact us and we look forward to serving you and your clients!